Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Exclusive Interview with Claire Merle, Author of The Glimpse

Me : What was the idea behind The Glimpse?

Claire : The original idea came to me around ten years ago after I went to a talk on mental health and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I was alarmed to learn about the rapidly increasing number of children being prescribed medication such as Ritalin for behavioural problems and I started asking myself, ‘What will happen if the number of young people with mental health problems and prescribed medication just continues to go up and up?’

Me : Describe The Glimpse in three words?

Claire : Spine-chilling, provocative, romantic.

Me : Would you like to share few words about you journey with The Glimpse?

Claire : A little over three years ago, shortly after the birth of my second son, I began working on an idea that had been floating around my head for a while. A year and a half later, a draft of The Glimpse was ready to send out and I quickly found a wonderful agent - Jo Williamson from Antony Harwood Associates. In April 2011, I received an email from Jo saying ‘offer imminent’ and subsequently lay awake most of the night wondering what that meant and whether I’d be jumping the gun if I started to get excited. We received an official offer from Faber and Faber a couple of days later.

Me : If you were Ana, whom would you choose, Cole or Jasper, and why?

Claire : If I was Ana I’d choose Cole, because I don’t believe you can go backwards in relationships. In my personal history of relationships (which isn’t very vast!), once I’ve split up with someone I’ve given my heart to, I could never give it to them again. In a similar way, I feel Jasper had Ana’s heart when she was fifteen and they were supposed to be joined, but he kept postponing the ceremony that would ‘save’ her. By leaving the ceremony right until the last possible occasion, (a month before her eighteenth birthday), I think he lost her. His motivations were reasonably noble, but he didn’t trust her enough. For months and months she had know idea if she would be ‘saved’ or ‘ditched’. If I was Ana, by the time Jasper actually committed, I think I’d be clinging to my heart rather fiercely!

Me : The Glimpse has an open ending, is there any probability we might expect a sequel?

Claire : There will be a follow up (and final book) to The Glimpse out in June 2013. It’s currently titled THE FALL and it starts where The Glimpse leaves of.

Me : Are there any other novels you are working one?

Claire : I’ve just received my editorial notes for The Fall, so I’ll be working on that this summer. I’ve also recently started a young adult contemporary novel with a fantasy twist.

Me : Any message to the readers?

Claire : Thanks to everyone who has read and/or supported The Glimpse! The best feeling ever is when a reader gets in touch and tells you how much they loved your characters or book. (So don’t be shy – if you have a favourite book, let the author know, she or he will love hearing from you !)


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