Sunday, 10 June 2012

Exclusive Interview with Hannah Harington, Author of Saving June

Me : As Saving June is a story of an emotional journey, what did you feel when you were finished with writing the book?

Hannah : I was mostly just thinking, “Oh my god, I wrote a book!” It was the first time I’d even written one, so there was a big sense of accomplishment just in finishing a first draft. Later though, after going through rounds of edits and finally turning in the last and final draft to my editor, was a little more affecting. By that point I’d lived with the story so long that letting go of it was surprisingly emotional.

Me : How would you like to describe Harper?

Hannah : Harper feels like an outsider and someone who is kind of misunderstood, and she’s a little brash and cynical as a result of all that. But beneath the prickly exterior, she cares deeply about the people she loves, and has a lot of strength in standing up for what she believes in.

Me : With which character from Saving June you feel most connected with ?

Hannah : Since I wrote from Harper’s perspective, I’d have to say her. I was sort of like her at the same age, though probably (hopefully!) a little easier to get along with.

Me : Would you like to share few words about your upcoming novel Speechless?

Hannah : SPEECHLESS is the story of a girl named Chelsea Knot who takes a voluntary vow of silence after her gossip-mongering ways yield unexpected and terrible consequences. There is, of course, a romance involved as well!

Me : What inspired you writing Saving June?

Hannah : I first had the idea for Saving June while I was in high school. When I was seventeen, I'd lost a relative of mine to suicide and the "splitting the ashes" thing was something that actually happened. The summer after I graduated, I was living out of my car and working as a pizza cook. The radio would always be on in the kitchen, so I was spending a lot of time listening to music and kicking the idea around in my head. A few years later I found some of the bits and pieces I'd written back then, and decided to sit down and write out a full first draft. So some of it comes from my personal experiences, and of course some of it is inspired by music I love. It all ended up tying together!

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